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What you see before you is the basic plan for my three podcasts. Originally, I’d planned to have the fan-translations podcast after the two voice-acting ones, but the week of the 14th was a busy one, so I had to shift things around and do the podcast that would arguably be the least amount of work.

So, that’s why some of the ordering of this storyboard may be off. I left the wording the same even after I switched the podcasts around because the ideas for what to include in which podcast flowed in a certain order and I wanted to retain that thought process.


Podcast Order Before:

  1. Introduction to Voice-Acting
  2. Voice-Acting: Pros vs. Amateurs
  3. Fan-Translations: The Unstable Relationship Between the Anime/Manga Industry and their Fans

Podcast Order NOW:

  1. Fan-Translations: The Unstable Relationship Between the Anime/Manga Industry and their Fans
  2. Introduction to Voice-Acting
  3. Voice-Acting: Pros vs. Amateurs

PODCAST #1 (now #2)


  • open with a mish-mash of voices, starting from a low rumble and reaching a climax become fading out (the volume changes will sort of sound like the opening logo for THX)
    • (this overall idea came from the opening logo of Funimation)
  • sound bites for the professional English voice-acting will come from animated movies with both human and animal speaking characters
  • audiobook sound bites will feature a variety of reading styles including the ones where the reader attempts to do the voices of the characters and ones where they don’t
  • the ending of every podcast might be a fun little section where I will imitate one of the sound bites I’ve played in the podcast, either word-for-word, or I’ll imitate the voice in my thank you and farewell message

Subject Matter:

  • the purpose of this first podcast will be to give an overview into the field of voice acting
  • I’ll start will professional English voice acting in animated movies and audiobooks with a focus on expression, breathing, accents, non-speech sounds and volume
  • then I’ll venture into the world of anime voice acting and do a little comparison between the dubbed and subbed versions
  • one of the animes I will discuss is Hetalia, because of its cast of international characters, there is a wide array of accents
  • I will refer back to this podcast in my second podcast which will look at fan-made dubbing or voice acting


PODCAST #2 (now #3)


  • uniquely for this podcast, since it is about amateur voice-acting, I will contribute some of my own attempts
  • I will feature sound bites from the demo reels from professional and amateur audiobook readers
  • the music in this one will be light and springy since the theme is light and playful
  • I will include music only sparsely as I want the focus of the podcasts to be on the voices

Subject Matter:

  • this podcast will focus on amateur voice-acting and the skills required, the opportunities out there and some success stories
  • I will look at the difference between voice-acting for an animation and voice acting for a non-animated cartoon
  • I will also assemble a list of tips, advice and lessons taken from the YouTube videos of professional voice actors especially for up-and-coming actors, these tips I will play throughout the podcast, specifically after an amateur example where one of the tips would have come in handy


PODCAST #3 (now #1)


  • the music in this podcast will be deeper and more solemn than the other two

Subject Matter:

  • in this last podcast, I will include less voice-acting sound bites and more of my own voice as I discuss the legal implications and barriers of fan-dubbing
  • I will use sources from articles written about Japan’s weary relationship with its Western fan-base and include some personal opinions taken from forums, blogs and comment posts
  • I will also dabble into the industry of illegal manga scanlations because that seems to be more of an issue than illegal fan-dubbing or parodies of anime

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