What It’s All About

Situation: need to create a series of three 5-min podcasts for a course.

Definition of a podcast, according to expert podcaster, Donna Papacosta: an audio file (although there are video podcasts) that can be listened to or downloaded from the Internet or played on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or MP3 player.

Solution: make the audio files about audio!

Specifically, voice acting. We will be exploring professional and amateur voice acting in animated films, anime, manga CD’s, comics, audiobooks, and audiofics.

We will also look at the unstable relationship between anime and manga production companies and their English-speaking fan base when it comes to fan-made dubbing and manga scanlations.

The podcasts will be posted on March 14th, 28th, and April 4th. Commentary on research findings, articles, YouTube videos and other information sources will be posted randomly in between.


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