Introduction to Voice-Acting (Podcast #2)



Show Notes for this podcast:

0:08 – Introduction

0:22 – Today’s episode

0:28 – Compilation of popular animated character voices

0:51 – The #1 most popular voice actor of all time

1:03 – Voice-acting in the West vs. Japan

  • Definition of “seiyu”
ponyo voice actress

1:29 – Two ways of watching anime

  • Definition of “subs” and “dubs”
  • The Subs vs. Dubs Debate

2:01 – How seiyus voice-act

2:14 – How English voice-actors dub anime

  • The challenges

2:19 – Quote from Steve Blum on the dubbing process

3:08 – Bad dub quality: The Sailor Moon Death Scene

sailor moon

3:46 – Accents in anime: Hetalia

demotivational hetalia poster

4:25 – Information on where and when to find the next podcast in this series

4:50 – Ending notes


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  1. This podcast is both entertaining and educational. Your use of sound works really well and keeps the podcast entertaining. I really like that as I listen and look at the show notes, the images of anime excerpts are there as well. Also, your research is incredible and is very detailed. The amount of references show how much work and research you’ve put into it and that makes your podcast and blog credible. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Alex,

    I thought you did a great job with this podcast. It is nice to see how much you enjoy he material. I thought you did a great job of incorporating music and had some really impressive sound clips to serve as examples of voice acting. A great introduction. I enjoy the personality you interject as well. The touch of speaking some Japanese in your sign in and out is charming. Well done!

  3. I love all the photos you attached, it really enhanced your blog as I could browse the photos while listening. You spoke clearly and articulately, and I thought your blog topic was really unique and educational.

  4. Hey Alex
    I enjoyed the music in this podcast as it captures the feel of a Japanese anime to start things off. The sound bites of various character voices are also expertly included, a few of them even sound familiar from my anime-mania days, taking me back to my childhood. The addition of some cultural history was appreciated as well, from what voice-actors are called in Japan to what kind of recognition they get as opposed to in the Western world.
    I also really like the subs vs dubs debate. This is also very relevant to RPG games that come out of Japan which are sometimes victim to bad voice-acting in making the transition to the English language, and as a result, fans are often vocal for the original version to be included with subs to maintain the authenticity and quality.

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