Recommended Podcast Review: Welcome to Night Vale (#35 – Lazy Day)

I listened to the wacky and wonderful Welcome to Night Vale podcast #35: Lazy Day, as recommended by Cathy Terefenko.
This podcast is half poetic and half reflexive. Poetic in the sense that there are some segments that sound like poetry put to music (specifically the traffic report which plays as an ode to water and oceans set to a cool rhythm), and reflexive because the announcer talks to the listeners and occasionally describes what he is doing at that very moment (sitting in front of a microphone).

I really liked this podcast and I would recommend it to anyone who has either a long commute or boring task to perform and needs some funny yet weird parallel universe story to get them through it.

The podcast starts as a sort of radio news report of the strangest variety. The male announcer’s tone is a cross between casual sarcasm and the pace someone takes when talking to a senior or to someone who doesn’t speak English well.

He begins by reporting on the local events that are taking place that day, which is—as he mentions frequently—a very slow and lazy day in the town of Night Vale.

Apparently, there is a man plucking insects out of the air and putting them in his suitcase, yet all witnesses of the event report not being able to remember what his hands looked like.

The announcer reads the town’s firefighter mascot dog’s PSA while mentioning that the actual mascot’s appearance is still classified by the secret police. Huh.

Also, there’s been some sort of deadly battle that took place in a library where a militant group of children—led by a 12 year-old with the disembodied hand of a librarian around her neck—send the reporter who ventured close to their camp during one of their drills running off screaming.

The mayor has called a press conference to which no reporters attended because earlier the reporters called a press conference to announce that they were all going to take the day off, except no one came to that press conference either.

We also hear about the daily chores of Carlos who is mowing his lawn and whistling and the grass is whistling too, but later when he is organizing his wardrobe, he hums…the grass is silent, because grass can’t hum. Duh.

Apparently, Thanksgiving in Night Vale is way bloodier and involves a lot more crying, screaming and grovelling than the North American ones.

The weather report is a long rap song that’s only half in English and accompanied by remixed disco music.

The “it’s a lazy day” phrase is humorously juxtaposed with the chaotic new report, read in a nonchalant way.

The day is so lazy, gravity is slacking off (his microphone is floating) and all bodily functions are also taking the day off. The sun has stopped being the sun and the world is probably ending and they should probably do something about it but…oh well, at least we saw the Breaking Bad season finale, drawls the announcer.

But don’t worry, the world just restarted itself, the blue-faced people lying on the streets have had their hearts and lungs reanimated, it’s all good.


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