My Research Process

My podcasts pay tribute to the power of the human voice—specifically, though its role in voice-acting. Two of my podcasts will focus on voice-acting across a variety of media; including anime-dubs, audiobooks, audiofics, animated movies, voice-overs for manga CDs and comics/web comics/graphic novels.
I will also diverge a little from the topic of voice-acting to explore anime and manga and the issues that are raised around fan-translations.

The idea for this podcast series came from two sources; (1) a quick Wikipedia search on “scanlations” that soon turned into a full-blown investigation of legal measures the anime industry is taking and the fanbase’s retaliation and the many points of view argued throughout anime forums and covered in articles, blogs and thesis essays written on the topic, and (2) my own recent experience with audiobooks, audiofics, voice-acting and the sea of how-to videos all over YouTube.


The research-heavy aspect of these podcasts will mainly reside with the legalities of copyright infringement on the fan-translations topic. I gathered my research from several types of sources, from articles and thesis essays to YouTube rant videos and forum discussion threads.

Fan-translations research:
Japanese US Manga Publishers Unite To Fight Scanlations
Whose Digital Manga Is It Anyway: Publishers vs. Scanlation
One Manga Among World’s 1000 Most-Visited Websites/
Japan Times: Scanlators Freely Translating Manga/Anime
Inside Scanlation: Backgrounds – Legal

The research for the voice-acting podcasts won’t really be “research” as much as juxtaposing sound bites from different animes, audiobooks, YouTube videos, Tumblr voice-acting blogs and animated movies. Since I’m using the sound bites for educational purposes—I’ll be comparing/contrasting and commenting on expression, breathing, accents, tone and non-speech sounds—there shouldn’t be any copyright issues (hopefully).

Preliminary Sound Bite Sources and other voice-acting info: (most hired voice-actors [doing a LOT of car commercials])

So…You want to be an audiobook narrator? (a simple test to see if you’ve got what it takes)
Cucumber Quest Fan Dub: Chapter 0 (fan-dub of a webcomic)
Ask Jean Voice (voice-acting Attack on Titan character role play)

Two relatively popular YouTube audiofics:
[Audio Fic] Minato’s: The Art of Being Dead 1
Scurry, Sniff, Flinch the AudioFic: ch.1

Podfic Tips and Tutorials:
A Beginners Guide To Making Podfics
Podfic Tips

Two honey-voiced audiobook pros:
Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter
Jeremy Irons reading Lolita

A different method of producing audiofics:
Text-to-voice technology audiofic


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